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Langstone Harbour Water Skiers Association


This page gives information for current and prospective members and on where to launch your boat, the constitution, safety rules and a short history of the association.

List of Launch Sites

Details about various launch sites within Langstone Harbour are here.

Patrol Procedures

Notes and guidance for use when you undertake your annual Patrol are here. The Patrol Rota shows which Patrol times have been booked.

History of the Association.

A short history of the Association is here.


The Association constitution is here

Safety Rules.

The Association safety rules are here.

Tide Predictions for 2022.

The National Tidal and Sea Level Facility www.ntslf.org provides both predicted and live tide height for various UK ports.
This is their 28 Day prediction for Portsmouth

Tide preditions are available from easytide.admiralty.co.uk for most UK ports.
Up to 7 day tide predition for Langstone Harbour entrance
Up to 7 day tide predition for Chichester Harbour entrance

The Company www.tideschart.com provide free 7 day predictions for the UK and around the world
For example, Tideschart prediction for Langstone

The Langstone Harbour Guide 2020 includes tide tables for 2021. Page number 22, (page 12 in the PDF).
Download link half down this page: https://www.langstoneharbour.org.uk/about
(Published by the Langstone Harbour Board). As of 3rd March 2022 there does not appear to be a guide for 2021 or 2022

Live Weather and Tide Conditions.

The site www.chimet.co.uk shows live readings from a weather station at the entrance to Chichester Harbour, which is about 7 nautical miles east of Langstone.

Here is the National Tidal and Sea Level Facility comparison between predicted and live tide height from a tide gauge just inside Portsmouth harbour

The site www.windfinder.com provides a forecast and long term statistics for the Solent.