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Welcome to the Langstone Harbour Water Skiers Association website. We are estuary based in Langstone Harbour on the South Coast of the United Kingdom.

Details on membership benefits, how to join and a downloadable membership form are on the membership page.

Where to launch, tide tables and a short history of the Association are on the information page.

Video and pictures of skiing at LHWSA are in the Gallery.

A short video of Kris Janczuk showing how it should be done !

Upcoming Events.

Details of all this years events are on the news page:

Saturday the 21st April 2014 - SBDA Theory and Exam.

Those of you booked in to do your SBDA this is a date for your diary.

Saturday the 9th August 2014 - Club Competition.

This is open to all members. Those of you who reckon you are any good, get out there and practice.

Previous Events.

Sunday the 25th May 2014 - Rescheduled Raft Maintenance.

As hoped for we did get out last Sunday (25th May) and did a few of the outstanding Jobs on the list, for full report see the news page:

Pictures from events from previous years are in the Gallery

Where we are.

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Watch out for the Dredger !

Please keep well clear of any dredger that makes its way through the water-ski area. It is a big ship in a small channel and if you fall off or stop in front of it, it is limited in its ability to manoeuvre.

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