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Welcome to the Langstone Harbour Water Skiers Association. We are a Wakeboarding and Waterskiing club based in Langstone Harbour on the South Coast of the United Kingdom. This map shows the location of the LHWSA ski raft and waterski area between Portsmouth and Hayling Islands in the eastern Solent.

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Details on membership benefits, how to join and a downloadable membership form are on the membership page.

Where to launch, tide tables and a short history of the Association are on the information page.

Video and pictures of skiing at LHWSA are in the Gallery.

A short video of Kris Janczuk showing how it should be done !

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Upcoming Events.

A Saturday in September 2017 - Third Committee meeting of 2017
Season wrap-up meeting, in preparation for the AGM.

Saturday the 18th of November 2017 - Club AGM 2017.
Venue to be decided, we'll set the fees and discuss plans for the 2018 season.
More details on the news page

Previous Events.

Saturday the 22nd of July 2017 - Club Competition
More details on the news page.
In moderate chop Richard got a new club record on mono of 34 wakes in 30 seconds, beating the previous 31 set by Graeme in 2015.
In the men's event, Olly and Nigel won joint first place.
In the woman's event, Sadie took the win
Images from the day are in the Gallery.

Saturday the 11th of March 2017 - First Committee meeting or 2017
At this meeting we decided the dates and events taking place during the year.

Saturday the 15th of April 2017 - First Raft Maintenance
More details on the news page.
Launched around 10:30 and got to the raft with the new metal work.
We managed to fit 10 of the twelve uprights, all three frames and the panels for the north wall.
Both frames and two panels for the east wall.
The south wall (facing the harbour office, has its new uprights fitted and joined to the bus shelter.
As for the west wall with the barbeque, Richard cut off the last of the old mounting brackets.

Saturday the 27th May 2017 - Second Raft Maintenance
More details on the news page.
Got various jobs done, including the three frames and panels for the south wall, two uprights and one of the two frames for the west wall, the last panel in the east wall and finally the perspex for the middle of the bus-shelter.

Saturday the 8th July 2017 - Third Raft Maintenance
More details on the news page.
Got various jobs done, including mending all broken and suspect floorboards, replaced a section of old plywood by the ladder that was looking a bit weak, fabricated and fitted a new hatchcover and finally scrubbed a significant part of the decking.

Old events.

Club AGM 2016 - Saturday, 19th November 2016.
The AGM went ahead as planned. We set the fees for the 2017 season and discussed the state of the club.
More details on the news page

Club Competition - Saturday, 8th August 2015.
Open to all members.
Congratulations to Graeme, who set a new club record with an impressive 31 wake crossings in 30 seconds
Pictures are in the Gallery

SBDA Training and Exam - Sunday, 2nd August 2015.
David, our SBDA Principle took 5 members though their theory course and exam. Congratulations to all five successful candidates. Practical tests and will occur over the next few weeks.

Sunday the 19th of April 2015 - Raft Maintenance
As planned a group of members went out on the 19th of April and fitted the last of the fendering and scrubbed down, scraped off the loose paint and put a couple of coats of blue paint on the raft.
More details on the news page

Saturday the 7th of March 2015 - First Committee meeting or 2015
At this meeting we decided the dates and events taking place during the year.

Saturday the 6th of December - Club AGM 2014
The AGM went ahead as planned. We set the fees for the 2015 season and discussed the state of the club. Two new committee members were voted in.

Saturday the 9th August 2014 - Club Competition.
This went ahead as planned, wind came up and it got pretty challenging later so we only managed to get one round in.
Congratulations to Sadie, Ole and Rebecca who won the Womans, Mens and under 16's classes.
Full details on the news page and pictures are in the Gallery.

Sunday the 25th May 2014 - Rescheduled Raft Maintenance.
As hoped for we did get out last Sunday (25th May) and did a few of the outstanding Jobs on the list, for full report see the news page:

Saturday the 21st April 2014 - SBDA Theory and Exam.
Six members took and passed their SBDA Theory and Exam, practical assessments out on the water have been going on since.

Pictures from events from previous years are in the Gallery

Lost and Found.

Pair of childrens beach shoes found on the raft Saturday 9th August, Contact us if they are yours

Watch out for the Dredger !

Please keep well clear of any dredger that makes its way through the water-ski area. It is a big ship in a small channel and if you fall off or stop in front of it, it is limited in its ability to manoeuvre.

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